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Company Profile

aboutAt Mantis Green Inc our goal is to become the largest Biodiesel manufacturer in the USA.

http://marafon.anticoach.com.ua/content/katalog-salona-radiotehnika-novosibirsk.html каталог салона радиотехника новосибирск Our customers include major oil companies, supermarkets, major fleet users such as bus and logistics companies, independent operators and fuel resellers. We don’t own any independent stations, so you won’t see the Green brand on any forecourts.

когда делают второе эко Our objective is to grow our business by sharing our efficiency benefits with our customers through a low price and high service offer. We believe that we can continue to drive up reliability and service, and create supply chain efficiencies to cut costs, and thereby add significant and measurable value to our customers’ operations.

follow link At a time when many of the traditional BioFuel refiners have been seeking to exit the U.S. market, we have been investing in new infrastructure to expand our sales to customers in strategic locations and create further economies of scale. We have already built new fuel manufacturing facilities in Lake Worth FL, and are renovating a fuel storage terminal.

Our Team

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